How to Win at Casino War

Casino War is one of the most enjoyable games in online casinos. It’s a game that takes us back to our childhood when we used to play such a game with friends. The rules are just as simple and the strategy that you need to employ is very easy. In the long run, the casino will still have an advantage over you and will likely end up winning more money. But in the short term, this is one game that’s definitely worth checking out.


Choose a game with fewer decks

First and foremost, though, the player should understand that the house edge increases as the number of decks used in the game increase. The house edge is usually little more than 2%, but then that amount will count in the long run so you should always take it into consideration. So, before you choose any table in the online casinos, ask first how many decks are being used. You’re allowed to do so and it’s only right that you do. If they have more than six decks, then you’re better off looking for other tables. Either way, though, Casino War still has better odds than games like roulette and craps. More »

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